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Sending Triggered Email via AMPscript

In this blog, we are going to see how we can send a SFMC triggered email via AMPscript.

Use Case:

Lets say if a customer has singed up with his basic information (Email Address, First Name & Last Name) need to send a Triggered email immediately from Marketing Cloud.

Create a Triggered Send Data extension:

  • Go to Email Studio --> Email --> Data extensions --> Create data extension

  • Select 'Standard Data extension'

  • In creation method, select 'create from template' and select 'TriggeredSendDataExtension'

  • Add few other attributes according to requirement as shown in the below screenshot:

Create a Triggered send UI In SFMC:

  • Go to Email Studio --> Email --> Interactions --> Triggered Sends

  • Select create and give a name for triggered email

  • Select the email which needs to be sent

  • Select the triggered data extension wherein the records needs to be added and select the all subscriber list to add the records in the same list.

  • Click on Save and select 'Start/Restart' to activate the triggered sends

Add AMPscript in Cloud Page:

Below is AMPscript code for Triggered email with simple form:

In Action:

Simple form for Demo:

On click of submit, you can see that same records gets inserted into data extension and will receive an email to the respective email address:

Happy Learning!

Please feel free to leave a comment in case of any queries.

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