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Integrate Wix with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Updated: May 14, 2021

Recently Wix is creating a lot of attention on Web development platforms for non coders like me, with easy drag and drop tools. But, how will you keep your subscribers engaging? In this blog we will see how we can utilize Salesforce Marketing Cloud page with Wix. Of course Wix has it's own email marketing and automation which will apply to some extent. But Salesforce Marketing Cloud has some much potential on engaging with subscribers, maintaining records and automation.

Set up In Marketing Cloud:

  • Create a data extension in SFMC to store the values of subscribers

  • Add fields like Email Address, Data of Subscriber joined and any other field which is necessary.

Contact Form Data Extension
Contact Form Data Extension

  • Go to SFMC > Cloud Page > Create a Cloud Page.

  • Paste the below sample HTML code (view code snippet) with AMPscript in your cloud page. Feel free to modify as per your requirement.

  • Click Save and Publish the cloud page and copy the URL of the cloud page.

  • Make sure the name field in HTML should match with the field in data extension. You can add as many input fields as required.

Quick Insights on AMPscript functions:

  • UpsertDE function is used to upsert a value (which will be entering in the form) into data extension

  • RequestParamter function is used to capture the HTML values post submission

  • We are setting up variables with True or False to hide and show up the values

Set up In Wix:

  • Now go to your Wix editor, Click on + icon > More > Embeds > HTML Iframe

  • Click on that and paste the cloud page URL.


  • Feel free to enter your email address in the below form. The results are captured in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Data extension.

  • If you enter a blank value and enter submit, then AMPscript identifies the value is empty and gives you a message that email is empty.

  • All these get executed internally without refreshing the whole page since it is an i-frame.

Below is the sample record added into data extension.

If you want to receive an email immediately post submission of form, you can use Triggered emails in the same cloud page. Please visit my previous blog on how to send Triggered emails via AMPscript.

By this way, you can add Salesforce marketing cloud forms (cloud page) into any 3rd party websites.

Please feel free to leave your feedback/comment in case of any queries.

Happy Learning!

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